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Find Your Money Mind

We each have a dominant Money Mind that shapes our thinking every time we make a financial decision. Knowing yours (or your significant other’s) can be a powerful first step in taking control of your finances.

How It Works

Seven multiple-choice questions will be chosen for you at random. Don’t like them? Re-randomize to get 7 new ones. Answer them and get immediate results. Then try again answering for your significant other. Be sure to fill in first names so you can save and compare.

What You'll Learn

Based on your answers, we’ll tell you what your dominant Money Mind is and what it means. You’ll learn about classic financial mistakes to avoid and tips for making better money decisions.

Results And More

If you’d like, we can email your results to you or to someone you know. You’ll also receive “6 Things You Should Ask your Financial Advisor” based on your dominant Money Mind.

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